Satya with a pinch of ‘Salt’

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The YouTube space has exploded in the past couple of years with more and more YouTubers being gregarious enough to experiment with newer ideas. Well, most channels have carved out a niche for themselves, but the audience for Indian YouTube commentaries have mainly been absorbed by ‘BB Ki Vines’, ‘CarryMinati’ or ‘MenSutra’ and this where ‘The Satya Show’ offers a different level of humor.

Admit it! The political atmosphere in the country is quite volatile currently and there is a lot going on each and every day. Some of it is quite cringe-worthy and the amount of negativity is quite overwhelming. This is where ‘The Satya Show’ steps in! The show takes on the trending political news and transforms it into a slug-fest of humor laced with witty words and some great editing. The host, Satya, is particularly good at doing impressions. His impressions of most political leaders including Arvind Kejriwal are a treat to watch! The content is light-hearted and jocular words only make it funnier to watch. What if Modi, Rahul and Kejriwal had IPL teams? Well, there is only one way to find out.

The Satya Show has not only dabbles in politics but it also takes on Bollywood, Movie Reviews, Cricket – basically everything that is under the sun and trending and then arm-twist it into something gregariously funnier! There is dedicated playlist ‘Post Mortem that dissects the movie indubitably and makes look even mundane aspects of it appallingly amusing.

For a show that is so funny to the T, it unlikely boasts of an underwhelming number of subscribers of only less than 150,000! Maybe, it is the time your refurbished your subscription. Head on and check out The Satya Show. Currently, the channel is doling out a new series called ‘Viral Fuddu’. You can watch its latest episode here.

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