#OnTalk With The Viral Face Of Youtube: Dhinchak Pooja

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She has amazed the audience with her viral videos and lyrics. But you will get to see the hidden side of Dhinchak Pooja today at Onplay News. Let us see the Delhi girl talking about her journey.

1. Pooja, When did you realize that you had a knack for singing?

I have received no formal training in singing. But I used to do shows from a long time. And I recorded with just a simple Mike and beats, the video got so viral. If I would have an idea, I would have made it better.

2. People regard your videos as cringe-pop. What do you have to say about that?

There are people who are always ready to demotivate me but there are people as well who appreciate me and my work. So I try focusing on the positive side.

3. It is said that Delhi Police fined you for not wearing a helmet in the video of ‘Dilon ka Shooter’. What happened?

Yes, I actually paid a fine. The video was actually on public demand. So I just made it. I forgot the helmet thing. So I had to pay to the Delhi police.

4. How has life changed personally after being a YouTube success?

It feels great when people recognize you when you go to some places. People come and take selfies with me and appreciate me. So, it is good.

5. What does Pooja do when she is not singing and trending on YouTube?

I just keep my mind calm when I am not singing so that I get good ideas for my next song.

6. Why did you delete your videos on YouTube? Who is Kattapa and what was the copyright claim made by him?

Kattapa was the name of the id. Regarding copyright thing, it is us who have it. All the claims were fake. In addition, the video is still there on my account but I have made it private.

7. Pooja, what is the next video are you working on? When are you planning to release it?

There are many plans but execution takes time. There will be a video coming and I hope you all will like it.

8. Who is your favorite singer?

Michael Jackson. As far as Bollywood is considered Kailash Kher is my favorite.

She is confident and came out to be a very jovial personality. A big congratulation to the girl! All the best from the team of Onplay to you ma’am.

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