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Ever since they have received the ‘Silver Play’ button, the ‘Three Musketeers’ of YouTube viz. Shubham, Piyush and Deepak of ‘Real Shit’ channel have been on cloud nine. OnPlayNews caught up with Shubham for a quick tit-bit for this week’s OnTalk series. Following is the except of the same

1. Why the name ‘Real Shit’? Any reason behind it?

Initially when we used to shoot videos based on an idea, something or the other shitty would happen! We were trying to shoot videos with content which could be easily relatable to the audience and when we decided to name it Real Shit because it was not only cool but also catchy! Moreover going with I, we thought we could attract foreign audience a too!

2. Piyush, Shubham and Deepak all three come from different colleges. How did these three come together to form Real Shit?

We studied in the same school since fourth standard. We then got admitted to different colleges but being childhood friends we used to catch up during vacations and thought instead of wasting time we decided to make some videos and we all three were interested in this idea. So we gave it a try and fortunately it worked for us.

3. You have made the vines fad big in India? What drove you to start making vines? Any inspirations?

The current generation spends a lot of time on social networks be it,Facebook or YouTube and we too used to do the same. We three friends have had some very funny moments and we thought why not make a vine out of these things and upload it because these are relatable to most of the people and so we started making vines.

4. How has your YouTube journey been so far? Do you enjoy being a celebrity?

First of all, we don’t consider ourselves as celebrities! Even at a recent event we were asked why we live like a normal life when you are such a celebrity. Yaar, we don’t feel like we are some sort of a celebrity but the journey of two years has been so great – you get to meet new people, you get so many opportunities and then people appreciate us so much. We are normal people and we do all things just like you people do!

5. Has it ever happened that you have been to the market and someone in the market has recognized you?

Yes, it happens many times! When we go to restaurants, the waiters and mangers recognize us and then waive off our bill but we still pay whatever is due. We don’t like to be a freeloader because it makes us feel awkward.

6. How has life changed post the success of your channel? What were your parent’s reaction to the channel?

It has changed a lot. Initially, parents were not that enthused with the idea of the channel. They used to advise us to concentrate on the exams and ask us to study for the placement season but nowadays they keep enquiring as to when the next video would be uploaded! Our own personalities and thinking has changed. Earlier when we used to have any funny encounters with anyone, we used to laugh about it and forget it but now we also think whether such an incident can be converted into a good content for a video. That is why, our videos are so much relatable to everyone.

7. What do Piyush, Deepak and Shubham do when they aren’t shooting videos?

We have been friends since childhood and when we are not shooting videos we just hang around and have fun. We play games on Xbox, go out for lunch and basically do stuff together. We also edit and discuss about the video we are working on.

8. How do you distribute the work amongst yourselves?

We work on a model where all three of us take part in all the activities. All of us come up with ideas separately and then brainstorm one another to give the idea a better shape and the end result is something that is completely different but more polished than what we started with. Even in the case of editing, if I edit a video, next time either Deepak or Piyush does it. So we equally distribute the work amongst ourselves.

9. One of your parody video ‘Ab Banegi Meri Body’ is very popular and has gone viral. Are there any plans to similar videos of that sort?

Yes, we are currently working on and shooting a video called as ‘Real Shit’ anthem. Music is a universal medium and it appeals to all age groups and that is something we are trying to tap on by layering music with comedy.

10. One word to describe your feeling on receiving the Silver Play button? To whom did you share the news first?

Because on receiving the award, we were reminiscing of our early days when we had only a few hundreds of subscribers and we used to work very hard late night to upload video and so it was quite an emotional feeling. Actually, the play button was delivered to my house and we all three we supposed to meet on the same day. I wanted to surprise Piyush and Deepak with the news but since we have a common email for our channel, YouTube had already sent a mail to all three of us regarding the Silver Play button! So after we meet, we shared the news first with all our fans!

11. What is the weirdest moment you had while shooting videos? Any funny memories?

Yes, we have so many funny instances while shooting our videos. We interact with the people in our videos and initially when we wanted to get more likes on our videos, we would usually approach mostly girls. So we used to stand at a place and then decide on which girl to approach and who will be the one to approach and by the time we had made a decision, the girl would already gone! The more beautiful the girl, the more apprehensive we were about approaching her!

12. You have come with a new YouTube series ‘Ladki 420’. Tell us a bit about this?

We have a friend who was very much into this girl and whatever we portrayed in the first video, it was inspired by something that had actually happened with our friend. We initially had thought of making only one video but the response from the audience was very good and so we made it into a series and also this is something new for us, something very different from the vines or videos that we do and so we decided to give it a try.

13. You are team of 3 people. Do you have contrasting opinions when you plan a video?

Since we come from similar backgrounds and have been childhood friends, our opinions are also similar to an extent but there are cases where we do have contrasting opinions. For example, if me and Piyush have a different idea for a video, we shoot both of them and then while editing we decide which is better. We try to look at the content from the audience’s perspective to select the best one.

14. You make different videos for Facebook and YouTube. Why is that?

We used to do that earlier. The basic funda was that Facebook is a social networking tool and hence the attention span is shorter and hence we used to post shorter videos because they had a better chance of being viewed. On the other hand, people come on YouTube to watch videos and hence they are more likely to watch longer videos. Now we upload the same video on both platforms because we are confident now that people will definitely watch our videos.

15. Any message for your fans and subscribers?

We thank our fans for their support and request them to keep supporting us. We aim to produce funny and variety of content and we take care to never disappoint our fans.

16. What next for Real Shit?

We want to make our Real Shit platform bigger and want it to be a one stop entertainment channel. About the web-series and other stuff – that is something completely different, we are currently working on our own content and we will see it in the future as to what opportunities come along our way.

17. Any message to Piyush and Deepak – something which you have never told them?

That is something very difficult because we are so close. I have scolded them sometimes but that is also a form of love and friendship. I love both of them and have learnt so many things from them.

And with that message we warped up the interview with Shubham. Absolutely grounded, Shubham sure scored the home run in being candid and down-to-earth. We wish the three musketeers of YouTube, all the best for their future projects!

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