#OnTalk With Multi-Talented Youtuber: Freishia B.

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On this week’s OnTalk, we have with us a YouTuber with varied talents – She is a TV presenter, Travel host, Emcee, and an ever affable YouTube star known for her witty videos interspersed with ‘Whack’ facts! Yes! You guessed it right! Freishia B is our guest for today on OnTalk. Following are the excerpts from the interview

1. How did you land up with the role in ‘Cambala Investigation Agency’? Were you always interested in acting?

I have been a theater actor since the age the 6 so acting has been something which has always been an intrinsic part of my life from a very young age. Once I completed my schooling, I was encouraged to study further and get a regular job but somehow my heart, I always wanted to pursue acting. One day I got a call asking if I was willing to audition (for Cambala Investigation Agency) and within a month I got a call saying I had got the part. I quit my job and decided to pursue acting.

2. How was it to grow up with Bollywood around you? Any particular incident that you remember?

I have done a couple of events with Sonam Kapoor. I have hosted events with Hrithik Roshan. In fact, I have worked with Hrithik a lot as I host a lot of his events. They are really great and friendly!

3. When we Google your channel name, the first result is the meaning of the word ‘Whack’ and the second result is your channel. Does that annoy you?

No. I guess that is because the word ‘Whack’ has been around longer than my YouTube channel! So, Fair enough!

4. You have worked as a Travel host, Anchored events as Emcee and you are also a YouTuber. How do you manage to be a jack of all trades and master amongst all?

I don’t know if I am master of all. I don’t think it to be fair to say that because, in today’s dynamic environment, there cannot be just one person who is regarded as a master of anything. In a dynamic society like today, everybody can have their fair share of the market. I also really think that gone are the day when people were one-dimensional. I know an architect who has released his own album and another guy I know, works in a finance company and is also a DJ. Hence, nowadays everyone is multi-dimensional because of the work they do.

5. Your father is a pilot. How much did he influence you to take up a career in travel and hospitality? Did he ever ask you to follow his footsteps?

My father always knew that I was not interested in being a pilot and was inclined towards acting. He used to tell me to just get a job and be stable. Every parent wants their child to be stable in life. Nowadays, parents are more understanding when their children say they want to be entrepreneurs etc. My Dad was initially not enthused with the idea of me pursuing a career in acting but today he is very proud of his daughter!

6. What is it about traveling that you love so much. Given a choice, would live the life of Ranbir Kapoor’s character in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’?

Definitely! I am trying to move my life in that direction at some point in the next 4-5 years. For me, that is like the ultimate quest. I want to be that kind of a person who takes a year or two off and visits different places, even if it’s just in India, there is so much to see in our country! Right now I am not thinking about it but in 4-5 years, definitely, you’ll see my Instagram feed filled with pictures of waking up at different places and heading to different destinations.

7. How many countries have you visited till now and do you keep a travel diary?

I wish, I did! (Kept a diary) a couple of years back, my best friend comes around and tells me that you lead such a crazy life and you travel to so many places and I have so many stories that sometimes when people mention about an incident, I do not remember them! Yes, I should have kept a diary but I don’t know what I would have done with that. I don’t want to keep reminiscing about the past but instead, want to create new memories. I have never counted the number of countries that I visited. Let’s put it this way, other than China, Russia, and the North Pole, I have been everywhere.

8. What are your travel wish list and must-see places that you would recommend?

First, let’s start with places that one must visit. I would definitely recommend visiting Ladakh and then one must really visit Spain, not just the usual cities like Barcelona, Malta etc. but the off-beat towns because they are so diverse and gorgeous and lastly one must really take a road trip to anywhere because that is the best way to visit places and it provides a different kind of experience. In my wish list, by next year I plan to visit San Francisco, and probably take a road trip from there to the coast. Second on my list is Japan because I had visited it with my father when I was very young and I expect it would it to be very different from the Japan I saw them! Lastly, I plan to visit Alaska.

9. You have acted in Hollywood movies too. How did Hollywood come knocking up on your door?

Yes, I have worked in indie-Hollywood movies and I worked in them when I was in college. So in hindsight, if I had done those movies today, I would have dealt with social media hullabaloo and the noise around it in a better way because now I am more aware of how one has to put oneself and get your name out there. Back then, I was in college – I got the part, and I acted in it and went back to studies!

10. Have you taken up any acting assignments currently in movies?

Currently, I am extremely busy handling events and my YouTube channel ‘Whack’ and hence acting has taken a backseat. Going to auditions and getting your name out there requires a lot of effort and time which I am currently unable to devote to.

11. You currently are making some super-cool commentary stuff on YouTube. What are your future plans with respect to your YouTube channel?

I will be coming out with a video soon, something which is completely different from what I have ever done. It is very close to my heart and this is something that the Whack audience has never seen. I am really nervous about it. Let’s see how that goes! Whack will continue to bring the stories that I am currently doing but I also have an exciting track coming up but I cannot talk about it until all things are finalized.

12. React to the following things with a Facebook Emoji:

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Freishia, finally, signs off ebulliently with the message“Just keeping watching Whack and keep expanding your mind one megabyte at a time”. The OnPlay team wishes Freishia – All the good fortune for your upcoming projects and keep spreading your infectious cheerful aura everywhere!

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