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It starts off as a Veere Di Wedding spinoff, four chic-hot women talking about sex, shouting Vagina loudly in the streets and drinking their asses off. But, with issues like OCD, Bisexuality and the new-age Journalism kicking in, it progresses with the essential modernization the Indian Society needs.

Four More Shots Please is the latest Amazon Prime’s original Comedy Series depicting the lives of four hot and ambitious millennials who after meeting accidentally on a crazy day find themselves regularly at the Truck Bar over drinks. Though, they seem extremely good at is cause they are fresh as new they next day with not even a tinge of a hangover. As much as perfect they seem together, their lives are far from being perfect.

Sayani Gupta has done a wonderful portrayal bringing out the loneliness, vulnerabilities, and frustration of her feisty yet lovable character Damini Rizvi Roy. She is a successful journalist and the founder of a startup-investigator.com, with an amazing wardrobe and some brave career ethics, she’s quirky in her own way. She suffers from chronic OCD, fantasizes about her gynecologist, and has hots on the bartender. Being, a brave-hearted journalist she raises some serious questions about how the latest generation has stopped reading “real news”.


Kriti Kulhari though a little overbearing at times, portraying Anjana Menon the mature member of the group who’s still not over her failed marriage. She is a single mother and a successful lawyer suffering from mommy-guilt, work pressure and insecurities towards her body ever since the birth of her daughter.

Maanvi Gagroo does an amazing job from being the quiet-shy girl to knocking the hell out of a man. Siddhi Patel is a 23-year-old virgin- who’s constantly being pressurized by her mother to find a suitable-husband. Her transformation from hating her body to falling in love it in the most unexpected ways is lovely.

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Bani J comes off with a bit difficult on her dialogues but covers it up with her versatile acting as Umang who is a bisexual fitness trainer who runs away from her home to live her life on her terms. She is powerful of the lot and flaunts her ideals just like her tattoos.

Though there are a plethora of stereotypes and multiple sexist jokes, the series a great change of scene in India. Four More Shots Please! is carrying some empowering and powerful ideas, including body positivity, bisexuality, online abuse, and single motherhood, which are rarely represented on the Big Screen in India. It’s a journey of four women as they realize the importance of their freedom and reclaim their life. The storyline could’ve been a bit more convincing and emotional as it fails to punch up above the desired level. All said, Four More Shots Please is a semi-believable story which tugs your heart at points and makes you roll your eyes at some too. It is their unfair circumstances, struggles, insecurities, search for love and friendships that make the show. With a believable friendship and the Truck Bar substituting for the Central Perk, it’s a journey full of drinks, beaches and a story worth a watch. More Power To The Ladies!

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