MX Player Joins The Digital Media Juggernaut!

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Online digital entertainment has come a long way, and it is here to stay. The lucrativeness of the entertainment industry combined with the convenience of smartphones, tablets or laptops is self-evident through the popularity of media giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. As an increasing number of media platforms have come up, there has been an impetus to content creators in the form of actors, directors, singers and so on. With the entry of MX Player in the entertainment domain as a content streaming option, the options available to netizens have expanded.

MX Player was already well known as a video player, but with newer investments by the Times group, the group has extended its operations into the video streaming field, noteworthy of which is the availability of 100,000 hours of content which can cater to audiences across India in multiple languages. In addition to web-series, films and TV series (from Indian TV channels), MX Player offers streaming of news, music, and sports. Having teamed up with TVF, Sony, Arré and AltBalaji for video content, and Gaana for music, one can explore content created by their team as well as their partners, giving an opportunity to viewers to view an enormous amount of content on a single platform. The grand release was made on the 19th of February, with MX Player releasing 4 Original series to kick-start their launch. We offer a short insight into their new series:

1) Aafat

Based on a typical suitor’s quest to find the ideal bride, this series shows the quest of matching with five girls through a matrimonial organization to a boy with few qualities. All five girls seem to be fit for the match, but as it turns out, there is more than what meets the eye, with each girl having a seemingly maverick quality, spicing up the whole matching process.

2) Hey Prabhu!

On one hand, Tarun Prabhu’s exploits on the Internet make him a popular personality, while on the other hand, life offline is seemingly bland, having problems with his employer, girlfriend and at home. The series follows an antithesis of sorts with Tarun’s struggles to bring his life back to normalcy.

3) Immature

A band of schoolboys with a mishmash of qualities with an appetite for coolness forms the backbone of this series. The icing on the cake is the cast from TVF, including Jitendra Kumar, Biswapati Sarkar, and Nidhi Bisht. The (mis)adventures of young boys, their infatuations, fears, and ambitions take you through a wonderful series.

4) Famously Filmfare

This assortment of interviews of actors from various regional film industries in India, in their own language, is an amusing affair to watch. Offering interviews in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada, this humorous series of interviews shows a wide variety of actors and actresses and reveals stories unheard of before.

5) LOL

This series, released in Tamil and Telugu, takes you on a story of a group of youngsters on the convoluted paths of love, breakups, and life. With pals ready to support one another during the ups and downs of their love life and give tips, the series begins to show multiple themes of love, hate, friendship, trust, betrayal and more.

The online platform can be accessed through a web browser or a mobile app.

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