#MotivationalMonday – In conversation with the youngest YouTuber of India: Andy Gujjar

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In today’s world where exploring your dreams and what one wants to do in life becomes difficult, we have Anubhav Andy Gujjar who has started to work towards his interest from the age of thirteen and has become the youngest YouTuber of India as well as the youngest technical YouTuber too. So, let us get a strike of inspiration from his words.

1.  At such a young age, how did your journey begin with YouTube?

I was always a curious mind. Nobody in my home used to give me their smart phones because I could explore it in the deepest way possible. But I had a will so I found ways. Gradually, it happened that I explored the option of uploading videos. I began and the rest is a history. I pursued it passionately.

2. What was the first income you got from your work?

126 dollars. (smiling)

3. Your name sounds very interesting. Is there any hidden story behind it?

There is a slang used in Haryana to describe a cool thing which is “Andy”. So, I used this as of the interesting factors about my name too because people used to call me that.

4. You are doing a great job on YouTube presently. How do you envision your future projects?

I want to come up with more creative content in the coming years. I want to work in comedy genre too for which I will be working on a separate channel. Comedy is something I like and technology is what my fans like. So I would make both the things hand in hand aptly.

5. What is your dream project?

What I have actually analyzed that whenever a person holds a single dream, they become way too passionate. Starting with zero and coming in minus is something I don’t appreciate. So, I have no specified dream project.i just want to reach to a big number of subscribers by the end of 2018.

6. Message for your fans.

Don’t create to earn, create to learn. Passion will follow success automatically. A big thank you to my audience for supporting me.

He was prompt and sharp in his answers and his thoughts would have left you inspired for sure. Click on the link below to see his audio message.

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    Andy Bhai is my inspiration sir ji.

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