International Women’s Day 2019 “Celebrating to Break Stereotypes!”

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“ A gender isn’t just a category. It defines a whole new world of roles. One such world of heaven is a Woman.” –Aishwarya Rathore

She is the one who fights with you madly,
She is the one who irritates you with those, again and again calls, insanely,
She is the one who adds a weird yet different perspective to yours’,
Yes! She is the one who loves you unconditionally.

She is a daughter, a sister, a mother, and the most beautiful face anyone can wish for in life. And, we come today to celebrate her Brave Bodacious Beauty with a #SochBadlo special tale :
I say NO to the section of people who judges me for wearing clothes above my knees,
I say NO to the stares who torture me when I walk back from the office to my home,
I say NO to the families who tell my parents to focus on my marriage rather than my career and dreams,
I say NO to the rules who tell me that my independence is restricted,
I say NO to discomfort while my boss does an appropriate action at workspace,
I say NO to domestic violence, rapes, and female foeticides,
I say NO to be heard and accepted.

“Beti ki azaadi ko haa bolo, fir desh ki barakkat ka sikka khoob shor machaega!.”

Faces of modern India, the women who have marked their names uniquely with their talent and work also shared their stereotype-breaking thoughts with Onplay News on this special day.

Bidita Bag, The Sholay Girl talked about how a woman’s safety has progressed over the last ten years in India and how Uber and Ola had made the journey of a woman’s day and night safer and easier. Bidita Bag will be seen in ZEE5 Originals upcoming show The Sholay Girl based on a real story where she will be playing the role of India’s first stuntwoman Reshma Pathan.

Sanjana Garlani, the popular face of South Indian movie industry proving why she sets herself in the count of famous ladies said that an Indian woman has shown revolutionary progress in terms of raising a voice against wrong. On being asked what would she like to change in the society, she gave a mind-boggling response to take the education of a woman to a level same as a man and to improve on subjects like building toilets in schools for girls.

Maanvi Gagroo, the famous female face of the Indian Web Industry,

“Being a woman is a matter of pride. Women in India have outlined an acceptance towards this and henceforth, growth will be exponential.”

On being asked whom Maanvi would give the titles of  Jhansi Ki Rani and Madhubala in reference to today’s time, she gave a diabetic reply in her voice for Kangana Ranaut, for having a fighting spirit and marking a name in the industry, and Deepika Padukone, as she undoubtedly represents class and timeless beauty respectively.

Anveshi Jain, the lead of Gandi Baat of Balaji productions gave a remarkable thought on how a woman should own her independence before anyone else. A lot of things have changed but the half battle is yet to be won, against all those social evils and all those people who create hurdles in a woman’s life.
After all, Woman can be fairly balanced when loved correctly, with patience, gifts, and good sex.
Isn’t Anveshi witty and amazing?

Last but not least, we had Shruti Arjun Anand, who has won the YouTube world with her craft and expertise. Her answer couldn’t have ended the article better.

What is the essence of being a woman?

Shruti – Every woman is different in her own distinct style and sense, everything that sets her apart from the others. She plays a multitude of roles, A mother, A sister, A daughter, A wife, A friend, and A colleague. She embodies them all with finesse. She becomes what she desires and aims for, the essence lies in her adaptable and giving nature.
Indeed, you will be as admirable for your children as your mom is to you Shruti.

Team Onplay News wishes every reader a very Happy Women’s Day.

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