Best 6 Indian Youtubers Parodying Gully Boy

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Since the Gully Boy Trailer became a roaring success amongst netizens, there have been numerous trailer spoofs made by prominent YouTubers. Featuring vivid characters in the same place as Ranveer Singh’s struggling character and his love interest portrayed by Alia Bhatt, these hilarious videos have also made their presence felt with their well-fitting altered dialogues. As such, we decided to bring to you the top six trailer spoofs that have taken the Internet by storm, quite like their subject.

Gully Bai (Girliyapa)

A stereotypical Indian maid in an urban setting desirous of her bonus despite her many dramatic and characteristic excuses to support her indolent habits forms the basis of this spoof. Her partner’s role is played by a struggling actor who wants to be cast for a toilet cleaner advertisement. With the slogan “Apna Bonus Aayega”, the rap sequence rolls through the themes of bad cooking, gossiping, holidays and low pay to give an impeccable spoof.

Tully Boy (RVCJ Media)

This spoof follows the exploits of a drunkard whose aspirations to have a taste of the finer alcohol instead of the usual moonshine that fits and suits his pockets. The spoof replaces the iconic dialogue, “Kha meri qasam. Mar jaayega tu” with “Kha le chakna. Bhookha mar jaayega tu”. And lastly, this ‘high-spirited’ trailer’s slogan goes, “Apna daaru aayega”.

Tummy Boy (Harsh Beniwal)

This is perhaps the most relatable spoofs of them all, for it is based on a gym trainer’s son’s obsession with food, not unlike most people. The ridicule of diet charts and people’s fascination with the gym body is conspicuous in this video, all with Tummy Boy’s efforts to rebel against his acquaintances’ efforts to ‘shape’ his life.

PUBG Boy (Rex Series Official)

A fitting combination of youth obsession, PUBG and Gully Boy, this video shows a PUBG addict who is mocked for his noob skills. The intelligent juxtaposition of the PUBG jargon in the original trailer’s dialogues is a perfect entertainer; a notable example being the line “8x liya khud ke dam pe, nahi liya tere drop se”. A must-watch for PUBG lovers.

Asli Tic Toc, Musically Boy (The Screen Patti)

Unlike the other trailer spoofs made by other YouTubers, this trailer is an anomaly in that it has not stuck to the exact format of the original trailer of Gully Boy, rather choosing to ridicule the cringe-worthy videos made on short video apps in the form of rap from the same film. The satirical video has done well in depicting how low people can stoop to get fame on the Internet.

Udhaari Boy (Shemaroo Youth)

Kicking off with the slogan, “Sabka payment aayega”, this spoof is an apt parody of people’s borrowing habits. The spoof trailer gives a twist by replacing Alia Bhatt’s character with a loan shark, whose iconic dialogue “Mar jaayega tu” is replaced by “Udhaar lauta nahi paayega tu”. An interesting feature of this spoof is the crossover of the character, Baburao (from the film ‘Hera Pheri’) as the father of the protagonist.

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